Friday, August 26, 2011

Pumpkin Ale

Tasted Friday evening, the night before the Midwest Brewers Fest in Plainfield, Illinois. I tried this following a quick run through town and a dinner on the poolside patio at Jen's house.

Appearance: Orange and Ambered haze. The head is lackluster, but still exhibits traces of a film across the top. Very clouded, but some carbonation is present. Lacing is hardly present.
Aroma: Big fall/autumn squash and pumpkin scent followed by the earthy spices. Fruit smell at the front reminiscent of apricot and some brown sugar. Hops and base malt are still present under the layers of complexity. Some Cinnamon.
Taste: Base malt is mild and basic with a flavor of biscuit, but much of it revolves around the midtaste to finish where many of the spices and hops expose themselves. You can get the hops out of this beer in combination with the spices, and more specifically, the nutmeg. Together, there is a vary balanced and autumnal flavor that isn't overly sweet, or artificial flavored. The spices do however take a prominent character. Some tannic flavors emerge as the beer gets warm, but the pumpkin remains throughout.
Mouthfeel: Higher carbonation and medium bodied. The fizz is basic, but long lasting. Finish is dry, making a crisp refreshing and savory flavored beverage
Overall Impression: This beer takes a different perspective on a pumpkin ale. The hops are very well articulated in a way the parallel the adjunct spices creating almost a citrus flavor in the very end. The pumpkin remains in the finish, that is otherwise dry. Very drinkable and uniquely spiced in a very palatable way

Jen: 85/100
Tim: 88/100

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