Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lord Chesterfield Ale

Tasted following a run with Brandon through the Neighborhoods of Rock Island. I purchased this beer in Pennsylvania during our trip out to New York. It was just something I hadn't seen before and it it was worth a try.

Appearance: Pale straw in color, while the actual pour looked almost lacking in color as the lightest of American Lite Lagers. Head was decent initially but rapidly diffused into a soapy film. Carbonation arises in single file along the inside of the glass. Clarity isn't maximal, but still an 8-9/10.
Aroma: SKUNKY! whoa, if you need a definition, here is your beer. As I attempt to draw out other scents I cannot decide whether it is corn sugar under the rich smell. Alternatively there is also some diacetyl. Storage was not too favorable on this beer.
Taste: Light malted foretaste of pils/corn along side with perhaps some cereal grains. Finish is quite bitter with neutral leafy tasting hops. Immediately after a couple sips a very grassy alpha acid bitterness sets in over drying the mouth and leaving little for any other flavors to emerge. Stale hops perhaps, though that may be a product of the skunking that arose full force in the aroma
Mouthfeel: Carbonation is certainly on the higher end of the spectrum, biting the tongue and even the back roof of the mouth. However, once this settles (pretty quickly) the texture of the beer is quite smooth. Light body.
Overall Impression: Interesting. I must say, I've never tasted a beer with the extent of skunkiness that this one maintained. Nevertheless it fit the beer I suppose. Heineken at best. Malt was not the show case here, it was the body, the carbonation and refreshing taste, though that grew tiring.


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