Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Growth OREgasmic Ale

Thanks to Joe Wietlispach for giving me a bomber of this a couple weeks ago. I've found Rogue to produce some fantastic beers, and I was excited to find they make an organic, home grown ale! Tasted on a Thursday night in compliment of a Vegetarian Harris pizza!

Appearance: On the darker side of an amber with a slight tint of orange. Looks a bit muddied with a very prominent haze, while anything within remains difficult to see, carbonation included. The head is dense and strong, taking on a beige cream colored look. Soapy bubbles erupt among the dense foam. Lacing is layered down the glass.
Aroma: Rich caramel malt bill immediately from the get go. From there the sweetness merges with a mild fruitiness, reminiscent of plums, then to finish with a floral hop scent.
Taste: Again, the first half is dominated by caramel and even a bit of munch malt flavors. Even brown sugar could be in there as well. Overall the beer is well balanced, from my first impression, though gradually as it warms, it precedes to favor a more malt forward character. Hops are subtly citrus with a bit of sulfur as well as orange peel. Still dark fruit is highly apparent throughout.
Mouthfeel: Smooth feeling, but still with a slight separation between body and bubble. Tacky to the lips with a medium to heavier body and a soft texture. Drying finish.
Overall Impression: Another great beer by rogue. Especially when it comes to the quality of ingredients. But after this beer, I've begun to wonder whether they stray too far from a specific base recipe for all their "special" beers. I'm beginning to notice a typical character among all the bomber series.


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