Sunday, November 6, 2011

Coal Porter

Tasted with Jen on a quiet Saturday evening while steaming vegetables and Milton Dairy's Quark Cheese. Thanks to Adam Slaker and Jeremy Hoffman for retrieving this from Maine at the beginning of the summer!

Appearance: Rich dark chocolate hue, cloudy due to being unfiltered.  Off white foamy head that leaves semi-wet lacing that still clings to the side of the glass.  Carbonation is only visible near the surface of the liquid; looks to be slow rising.
Aroma: The nose is comprised mainly of rich, roasted chocolate malt, yet borders on the edge of slightly burnt grains.  The malt bill is complemented by a hint of bittered cocoa. Relatively simplistic.
Taste: The malt bill is neutrally sweet as if there was an un-fermentable boiled into the beer initially, such as lactose. Just as the smell portrayed, the midtaste of this beer boasted a large roasted sweetness, assimilated with a mild burnt graininess. If one lets the beer sit on the palate for a longer time than usual, the finishing burnt bitterness doesn't take effect until the beer exits down the esophagus. Some grain and woodsy tannins contribute to a drying finish.
Mouthfeel: Lighter carbonation, but certainly present and very fine. Th feel is velvety and soft with a medium to light body. Finish is very dry and almost crisp.
Overall Impression: This porter falls along those that maintain a richer more up-front roasted and burnt characteristics. It lacked the normal stale/subtle sourness that many traditional porters are known for having. Nevertheless it still was more on the drinkable side of the stout/dark beer category.

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