Wednesday, December 28, 2011

5 Rabbit Golden Ale

Jen brought this back from the weekend she spent at home in Plainfield for Christmas. Purchased from the Plainfield Binny's. I tasted this Wednesday afternoon in a pint glass. I have seen them at a couple of the Beer festivals (Plainfield Brewers Fest, Great Taste of the Midwest) And I've been looking forward to getting my hands on some of their beer. Go Chicago!

Appearance: A bright golden straw color with a immensely pillowed white bubbly head, complete with peaks and styrafoam-like lacing. Carbonation looks to be very strong, with some accumulation on the sides of the glass. A pale haze presides emitting an attractive glow.
Aroma: Rich grain and yeast notes. The grain however doesn't take the character of wort from 2-row, but more so that of hay and dried grasses. Some fruity esters come through in the second half represented by apricots and pears. Spiciness rounds it out. Overall this beer takes on a corona-esk profile, perhaps a relative to the lager, just fermented at a higher temperature.
Taste: The aroma said it all, but the flavor helped reinforce it. Relatively but lightly sweetened foretaste, perhaps even corn was used as a minute adjunct. The Saaz hops really help push this beer through with a peppery complexity. Alternatively, there are specific notes of near tropical fruit zest, pineapple husk as well as a faint floral spicing. The hops contribute a very unique character to the beer's taste, one few I've  found to match.
Mouthfeel: The carbonation had appeared to be very high, but it was quite well balanced in the beer, even contributing a creamy texture. Body is light and very drinkable. Extremely refreshing.
Overall Impression: An interesting beer to say the least. It does have a Corona element to it, but overall is nothing like it. This beer has an entirely different sense profile than any other beer I've tried. Rich in flavor, not just from the hops, but even the pale sweetness at the front. This I see being a drink for any occasion! I myself will continue to drink it whenever the opportunity arises.


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