Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Avalanche Amber Style Ale

Jen and I first tried this while out to dinner with her parents at Old Chicago. Ironically the day following Josh brought home a Breckenridge craft pack which included this beer. So, enabled to review from home, I write...

Appearance: More of a hazed out copper with a darkened orange hue. The head isn't anything to talk about as it's stature only consists of a slight bubbly ring around the inner perimeter of the glass. Hazed, but with a few carbonation bubbles rising to the surface of the beer. Lacing is wet and speckled.
Aroma: Rich kilned amber and biscuity sweetness. A very upfront malt based aroma. Pleasant, yet boasting a faint gingerbread cookie and gingersnap scent.
Taste: Big caramel malt backbone. But within, the malt tends to fluctuate a lot with this beer. It starts sweet and biscuity and then by the mid taste it transforms into a grainy, barley husk bitterness. Finally by the end, the gingersnap flavor is re-introduced, as I noted in the aroma, along with a neutral hop bitterness and notes of brown sugar and peppery flavors. Some characteristics of oxidation are starting to develop with the taste of a coaster, or paper bag..
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a lackluster carbonation. Some bubbles hit the back of the tongue at the end, but very few. If it weren't for the body of this beer, I'd find it relatively watery. Finish is cloying on the palate, but no tackiness resides on the lips
Overall Impression: The aroma is incredibly sweet and appealing. However the taste didn't really amount up to being as such. I found a lot more oxidation with the bottle I had at Old Chicago, but even so, this bottle was in the preliminary stages of development as well. Unfortunately, the oxidation was a big deterrent. If only they could find a taste to match the incredible aroma.

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