Sunday, January 15, 2012


Thanks to David Misewicz for buying this for Jen and I for Thanksgiving. We saved it for after the new year to taste when her parents came back up to visit. Reviewed following a trip to Old Chicago. Served in the tasting flight I received for my birthday last year.
18% ABV
45 IBU

Appearance: Thick to the pour. Viscous, as if it gels in the glass.The color was a lot lighter to the look. Cloudy and pale copper color with a tint of red. Head is thick and frothy and extremely dense. Carbonation is high as there is a large accumulation of bubbles on the side of the glass. Wet short lived lacing.
Aroma: Somewhat of a lactic smell to it with a scent of even farmhouse. Raspberry tartness is prominent along side a grape and musty smell. There is a wheaty undertone, but hardly a noteable character under the raspberry tartness. Served cold initially, but as the beer warms up more of the berry tartness perfumes up from the glass.
Taste: Up front Lacto flavor with a mild mustiness as well. I was expecting more of a malt sweetness, and even from the berries. Estery. More of a neutral sugar content. Rose petals (phenylethyl acetate) is mix in amongst the contributive fruit esters. Wheat present, but probably more directed towards body and giving a protein induced cloudiness. Towards the end, the alcohol permeates through with a force. Drying, but without a solvent or fusal taste. The flavor overall develops an acetylaldehyde tone to it (green apples). The finish leaves a faint sourness on the palate, with some fire! Reminds me of a very subtle grain alcohol base. Minute amount of medicinal flavor, but nothing enough to deter.
Mouthfeel: Low carbonation, but enough to fizzle over the palate and help introduce a drying alcohol burn over the tongue. Finishes very dry and solventy feeling. Thicker body, but the attenuation of the beer seems to have lightened it up.
Overall Impression: Wow, I was surprised at the alcohol content of this beer, and for a whopping 18% it is well masked. I suspect that with the addition of raspberries, they carried with them a good dose of Lactic acid producing bacterial that provided the slight sour flavor at the end. I see this beer as a one time buy, but it is surely one to experience it if your pocket can handle it.

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