Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grand Circus India Pale Ale

This was a new beer to appear on the shelves of our Rock Island Hy-vee. Dan brought it over for a pizza night. Tasted later that week after a grueling day of canning.

Appearance: Oranged copper with (after a minute or so) a thin, yet dense filmed foam head on top. Lacing is wet and silhouetted. Overall the beer can be characterized as minimally hazy, allowing for some clarity and visible carbonation to be acknowledged on the thinner parts of the glass.
Aroma: Fresh cut grass and wild plum trees ( I think of this whenever I used to mow the lawn and run over all the wild plums that had fallen to the ground. Very floral, and even a bit herbal. I sense some tartness as well. A faint biscuity sweetness is apparent.
Taste: Ouch, this beer hosts quite a bite of bitterness! Predominantly, I get a very neutral, but grassy and uncharactered bitterness that seems to have perhaps originated at the front of the boil. I get a bit of a saltiness from this beer as well. There is some foretaste of malt, but it is severely masked by the absurd bittering units that tend to come through full force after a couple sips, especially in the aftertaste. Kinda like I just chomped down on some green leaves. The tannic aftertaste is overwhelming.
Mouthfeel: Foamy, and a bit of an aggressive bite from the hops. Body is medium light, but finishes more on the lighter side, even watery. Dry resined finishing feel.
Overall Impression: I wasn't very enthralled about this beer. If only it had a bit of a citrus character splashed in, we might have had something. But the normality behind it and the over bitter taste really didn't have me wishing for more. I can see where this IPA may have some historic roots with the high Alpha Acid, but other than that, I didn't see much else.

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