Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lucky U IPA

Thanks to Joshua Schipp fro bringing over a craft pack of this earlier last week. I enjoyed it following a strenuous day at the brewery canning our contracted Brewery's beer for a pressed deadline the next week. Reviewed in a pint glass
6.2% ABV

Appearance: Clowdy with a darkened copper look. The head is mildly foamed with a soapy consistency. Still looking, with not a whole not a while lot going on. Lacing is speckled and wet.
Aroma: Huge biscuit malt at the nose. This beer is definitely malt forward with a complexion of two-row and other bready and caramel malt forward beers. Some faint hop character is immanent, but I cannot decide what exactly I'm getting.
Taste: Sweet and malty with an equal bitterness to balance. Sweet and bready with biscuit and caramel undertones, as noted in the aroma. Some floral notes are present, alongside even some leafy greens at the end. The beer overall has a relatively green flavor to it, is in - not completely fermented through. Subtle wortiness. Some spice at the very end, as if there was rye...
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a carbonation that is very smooth and nicely incorporated to enhance the second half bitterness to compliment the malt bill.
Overall Impression: A simple IPA with a lot going on. I think the focus was on the malt, and the hops came second. The malt shows up most dominantly with the bitterness coming secondary, though still retaining a very prominent position. Tasty nonetheless, and as I see it, a beer that one could use to get others who aren't as fond to the IPA/pale ale/bitter category to explore..

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