Thursday, January 12, 2012

Powder Hound Winter Ale

Thanks to Dan Nevin for getting this for me yesterday. He bought me a 12 bottle craft pack of Smuttynose and traded in one of each for this Powder Hound. I had first seen this at John's Grocery in Iowa City. Tasted following an hour of shoveling the years first snow! Powder Hound is apparently named after a Triathlon in Montana.

Appearance: Ambered and clear with the occasional bubble of carbonation rising to the surface. The head is strong and firm with a soapy coating. Lacing is dry and styrafoamed. Very attractive.
Aroma: Biscuit malt and a bready fore scent. I get a lot of spicy hops in this too, with notes of citrus and bittering orange peel/coriander. Floral.
Taste: Caramel and biscuit define the front sweetness of this beer. To follow is a fantastically spiced second half. The hops are both floral and earthy with a citrus personality. I'd like to say some variety of either Horizon hops or Liberty (which are one of my favorites). Again, bittering orange peel, mango and a floral citrus are most apparent. The finish is dry, but with a worty taste in the back of the throat, or similar to dough balls/un fermented beer. Some alcohol at the end, but that might just be the hops talking.
Mouthfeel: Smooth with a bit of a bite at the end, but nothing substantial. I find this beer to be extremely easy drinking, and very well textured. Dry finish.
Overall Impression: I find myself becoming very fond of this beer. I certainly see myself getting a six pack of this in the future. Big Sky makes rich beers, and this is a beer that amps up the hops (whatever they may be) while still pushing a flavorful malt bill. Without the spices that are typical to this style, it boasts a robust flavor that is matched by few.


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