Friday, February 10, 2012

Bam Biere Farmhouse Ale

Thanks to the sales reps at The Abu Nawas Beverage company for giving me a bottle of this while at the Brrr Fest in Coralville/Iowa City, IA. Tasted Thursday evening following a run and our customer appreciation party down at the brewery. Pint glass served.

Appearance: Golden, Bright and bubbly. The carbonation is extremely strong, erupting from the base of the glass in a confused upside-down flurry of bubbles. Relatively clear because the first pint had no contact with the dreggs at the bottom of the bottle. The head is fantastically sustained with a peaked stature and a white color. Soapy, but dense and dry.
Aroma: Lemony, and zesty, but with a faint kombucha/ vinegary scent. I'd say there is more of a corn and lime smell overall. Very aromatic.
Taste: The front is rather woodsy. By the midtaste there is a tang, similar to the kvass I made. Sharp and crisp collaboration of lime zest with citrus (lemon) and herbal hops. Faint bitterness from hops rounds out the flavor and leaves the palate feeling clean, yet has a slight drying effect. The tartness, though tangy and refreshing, has a similar to green apples which could indicate di-methyl sulfide in the brew.
Mouthfeel: A bit thin in body with very active carbonation which gives it a light, refreshing quality. Hardly any aftertaste is left to critique, as the beer finishes rather clean. Spritzy, bubbly and refreshing!
Overall Impression: Interesting escape from the common styles we have been trying as of late. I'd say this beer represents a Kvass or Kombucha dry hopped with the addition of a bit of lemon juice. I've had extreme difficulty reviewing this beer, and it's certainly for those who are familiar with the style or have been raised on beverages similar to this. For me? I cannot.

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