Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bobo's Robust Powder

Thanks to Thomas Behne for bringing this beer over on Friday night as I hosted the Singh Family for a pizza dinner party. We designed a total of six pizzas with a crust made of Straight Pipe Stout, and vegetables ranging from black beans to kale to tomato and artichoke brochette. Tasted Saturday Evening prior to another dinner party catered by Josh and Andy with Deer backstrap.
6.2 % AV

Appearance: Upon the pour, there erupts a large soapy beige head with a partial dense foam consistency. Lacing is styrafoamed and dry. Very dark brown in the glass, nearly black. The beer is clear at the pour.
Aroma: In the forefront, there is some roasted character with an astringent scent. Some yeast qualities are present. Smokey, yet sweet, a presence of chocolate and a burnt, roasted coffee aroma.The aroma is less appealing than the flavor.
Taste: Fortunately in the flavor there is more chocolate than any sorts of roasted flavors or coffee. Rich in taste and sweetness, mixed with smoky undertones. The front is choked full with a bitter-sweetness of cocoa and molasses. I don't get very much licorice or burnt flavors. The finish is rounded out by an astringent, coffee-flavored bitterness. As it warms, the chocolate becomes more reminiscent of coffee.
Mouthfeel: Creamy and smooth mouthfeel. The texture is a bit chalky and leaves a bit of a coating. The body is medium-heavy thanks to some earthy sweetness and carbonation is fairly light.
Overall Impression: What stood out to me in this beer was the astringency in the smell, while the taste boasted a chocolate flavor. Nevertheless, as the beer warms up this flavor becomes more coffee flavor than anything else.

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