Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pastime Pale Ale

Tasted Thursday evening after a run to the store to pick up ingredients for tomorrows pizza dinner with the Singh family. I got this bottle from Jon Rudisill at the Brrr Fest in Iowa City.
5.2% ABV

Appearance: A normal amber color. The head has a short life with a bubbly character. It dissipates swiftly, leaving only behinds a film across the surface. Carbonation is persistent, and clarity is near optimal. Rather glowing when held to the light.
Aroma: I get a mix between the malt and hop, coming off as a rather leafy. Some faint citrus revolves in the second half, while a prominent nutty scent eventually defines the forescent.
Taste: My initial impression was lettuce or cabbage....Literally a leafy but almost sulfurous flavor makes up much of the second half, especially following the bite from the carbonation. The front has a mild backbone of biscuit 2-row and perhaps some Munich 2. The finish leaves a grassy bitterness that also assimilates to the pith part of a head of lettuce. I'm guessing this may be attributed to overboiled hops, or perhaps just stale. Very little citrus here.
Mouthfeel: Great body. Light refreshing and crisp. The carbonation is medium to high,  not to overextend a spike on the tongue, but to still leave a bubbly impression.
Overall Impression: The first half was fine, but the leafy green flavor at the end was very deterring. The cabbage/lettuce flavor was even amplified as the palate became more accustomed to the beer. Oxidation must have gotten the best of it.

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