Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Witch's Wit

Bought this from the Galena River Wine and Cheese company this afternoon as with the remaining credit on my gift card from Christmas. I returned to the QC that evening with time to get in a 10 miler and head to RIBCo for their 1/2 price draught pints. Shared in snifters with Neil Viagers and Jen.

Appearance: Yellow with a very apparent cloudiness. Head is minimal but allows for a sheath of foam to settle across the surface. Carbonation looks to be minimal, but a good swirl unleashes a wrath of bubbles. If one were to pour the dreggs, the beer takes on an enticingly milky appearance, giving me the perception of a very hearty drink.
Aroma: High prominence of funk (though the more the dreggs are added, the less funk?). I even get a scent of chlorine even. Honey, wheat citrus and lemon zest. Definitely cloves and other phenols erupt from the surface of the beer. Given a good shake, the beer could even be explained to having an enterobacter scent.
Taste: Up front, the beer exhibits a very wheaty character, without the funkiness noted in the scent. Lemon grass and zest are very present right alongside the carbonation and the wheat base malt. I can see that honey was used as the primary fermentate. The cloves or other phenols don't stand out as much in the finish than I would have expected, but still round out in the mild manner, enough to create some crisp and drying flavors at the end.
Mouthfeel: The first half is deceptively heavier than the second half, with the division being the highly bubbly, but smooth carbonation. The end is crisp and slightly zesty, with a drying after feel.
Overall Impression: A Belgian I'd like to drink more of, the honey helps create a clean finish, while preserving the wheat upfront and leaving out any doughiness, a lot of phenols or funk. Very drinkable and refreshing. If one can get over the scent, this is a great introductory beer with a twist. Really complex.

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