Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wheach: Peach Wheat Beer

600th Post! Thanks to Ms. Britta Shold for giving me this beer a couple weekends ago while we were having drinks at the Delta Chi Theta house with all the alumni in town. Obviously, this beer has been around for a while, but I never had the opportunity to get it (there were hoppier, richer counterparts to purchase). Finally reviewed on Monday evening after an 11 mile run with the team, to round out a 23 mile day!

Appearance: The pour erupted the beer in a cascade of bubbles, resulting in a waiting period to pour the rest of the bottle. While it was short lived, the head still presented a thick film of foam across the surface. The could is faint and pale straw, and uneventfully bright. Some haze is present, but clarity is still maintained. Carbonation is acknowledged and persistent throughout.
Aroma: The scent brings me back to my childhood when I was always served canned peaches with whatever was for lunch. I don't even get much of the wheat out of this one either...just citrus and canned peach fruit. Maybe apricot/nectarines.
Taste: The peach character that was prominent in the scent was a lot more diminished in the taste, while more of the beer/wheat flavor came through. Still, however there is a trace of canned peaches in the midtaste. Citrus and wheat appear at the front and more at the end. Other than that I cannot draw a lot from this beer.
Mouthfeel: Light bodied, a bit flatter than expected, though the mouthfeel still remained balanced. Some dryness is present, encouraging a crisp refreshing flavor.
Overall Impression: Certainly a summer beer that incorporates both a familiar fruit flavor, while having a light body and a hop background to back it all up.

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