Sunday, April 15, 2012

2X Stout: Double Milk Stout

Finished up a review Tim started before he left for Michigan. Tasted during a Breaking Bad marathon and while working on a logo for Against the Grain Brewery a& Alehouse.

Appearance: Black in color with a hint of brown. In fact, this beer looks rather similar to root beer. The carbonation is extremely high with large persistent bubbles. Sticky lacing that coats the glass and stays throughout the tasting.
Aroma: Presence of oxidation up front. Other than that, there is a ton of rich chocolate and roast malt. Some staleness persists through the rich aromas.
Taste: Upfront, there is a rich malt base that envelops the flavors of sweet chocolate and caramel. A presence of rye that follows. There is a lightly scorched roasted malt bitterness followed by a light acrid burnt flavor. Slight acidity and lactose flavor in the finish (hey, it's a milk stout right?)
Mouthfeel: Thinner mouthfeel than I expected. Very bubbly, but maintains a creamy texture that holds an acidic aftertaste in your mouth.
Overall Impression: The alcohol is well hidden by the flavors in this brew. Would have liked a little more creaminess than initially had, but it was easy to drink and tasted good in its warm state, as stouts should be enjoyed.

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