Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oddside Hodge Podge Porter

Tasted Saturday afternoon at the 8th Street Grill in Holland Michigan. I chose this beer due to its near locality to Holland. Plus I enjoy their simplistic scribbled label and support to local business' (They brew a beer specifically for 8th Street)
6.5% ABV

Appearance: Dark with a brown tinge around the edges. The beer provides nothing noteworthy of a head, bit maintains a color of a lighter brewed coffee.
Aroma: Chocolate and biscuit malt permeate the nostrils. I didn't find really anything else noted in the taste here in the scent. All I got were the typically expected characteristics of a porter.
Taste: Up front the beer is notably from a barrel. It displays notes of Brettanomyces and even some Acetobacter. I'd place it along the lines of more of a sour brown ale. A citrus fruitiness is present in the midtaste from the sourness provided by the Brett. This comes off as a grape/apple tartness and some hints of berry fruit. By the end, some of the malt bill is still retained portrayed by minimal hints of chocolate and toasted barley
Mouthfeel: Extremely light body, as if all the complex sugars had been fermented out. A tartness tightens the jaw while the beer finishes with a non-hop attributed dryness. Carbonation is minimal.
Overall Impression: If one were to take a gulp of this right from the start, I'm sure they'd feel it in the jaw. This beer was unexpectedly sour, but with a complex character. Reminds me of New Hollands Blue Sunday Sour than anything else! And as noted in the description, the taste of cherries is present as well.

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