Monday, April 2, 2012


 Thanks to my sister Aubrey for saving a bottle of this for me! She has a gluten allergy and would do anything to find a GFB that has a tolerable and reminiscent of actual beer. I tasted it Monday evening in a snifter-like glass
6% ABV
Appearance: A clear copper color, but with a slight tint of pink. Initially the head was a bubbly white pillow set atop the fizzy liquid. Soon after however, dissipation resulted in a thick ring around the inner perimeter of the glass and some film across the surface. Carbonation looks to be strong and prevalent.
Aroma: The nose immediately perfumed the all too familiar scent of sorghum (I recently made an all sorghum batch of beer). The sorghum reminds me of a earthy sweetness of dried hay and musty wood. Some citrus arises near the end with notes of orange and berry.
Taste: A tart bite on the jaw upon first sip. A honeyed sweetness erupts in the foretaste. Some grape and vininess it present along side the familiar strawberry taste, which hold up well in a freshly maintained flavor. The sorghum doesn't really come through as readily as I expected, especially from its prominence in the aroma.Overall this beer presents a clean flavor with some subtle bitterness and citrus from the hops to round out a more champagne-like beverage
Mouthfeel: Carbonation bites with a bubbly, frothy texture. Light to medium in body with a soft, but still biting feel. The palate is sweetened from the start, but finishes in a delightfully crisp and refreshing dryness.
Overall Impression: Some beer ancestor exists in this one, but falls more to a sweeter, fruity side of a mead than anything else. Nevertheless I think this is one of the best Gluten free beers I've come across that DOESN'T use barley (Congrats to Two Brother's on their Golden Prairie Path Ale). I dig the berry tartness at the end, paralleled with the faint hop bite to round out a crisp finish

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  1. Too sweet. It is a good beer, but when you're gluten-free and looking for a BEER, this isn't going to do it for you.