Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Black Tulip Belgian Trippel

Tasted Tuesday while sitting at the pub. Another 2nd shift today, so I had free time to get in some reviews on the pub drafts before they run out. This beer I helped bottle. Personally, I love the label. The appeal is simplistic, but with a artistic and mysterious vintage about it.
8.7% ABV

Appearance: Exhibiting a clean pillowed white head that remains well sustained for several minutes, and leaves an entire lacing along the glass in its wake. Bright Gold in color. Impeccably brilliant with absolute clarity. Occasional carbonated bubbles steadily rise from the base of the glass.
Aroma: A perfumy character choked with notes of clove. A honeyed sweetness carries throughout as well as pears, but paralleled by a peppery essence and warm spicing. Some biscuit grain malt can also be noted upfront.
Taste: A large portion of this beer is a product of the yeast, fermented at warmer temperature to produce a plethora of familiar esters and phenols. Notably, Banana and clove are most prominent alongside a faint biscuit Belgian Candi sugar sweetness that resides in the foretaste. Alternatively, apart from the rich clean flavor, one can draw minute undertones of golden raisins, honey and even pear. The end rounds down in a clean finish, with no hints of yeast and with a drying flavor from the byproducts of fermentation, and less from the hops.
Some bubblegum, but dominated by the Clove and Banana. No medicinal qualities whatsoever.
Mouthfeel: Served on the warmer side, and unexpected at first, but definitely fitting to the style. Carbonation is low, but sufficient to provide a tingle on the tip of the tongue. Alcohol is warming, and not in the slightest bit fusal or solventy. Medium bodied and fluid feeling.
What's up with the hearts???
Overall Impression: This beer is all about the yeast and what it is capable of. The malt and hops simply provide a base for the budding fungi to flourish. And in doing so, they produce a unique liquid ambrosia of incredible flavor experience! Big on the phenols, especially at the finish. Quite tasty to the Belgo-style fanatics.