Monday, June 25, 2012

Brand New Day

New to the specialty tap list (a pub only brew) and the first beer I've actually been able to acknowledge who brewed it. Props to Darren on his first brew at the pub and for what I'd count as a great success. Standing at 4.5% ABV, it it falls under the perfect session ale by my standards. So far, ever time I've been to the pub, I've started with this (and/or finished with it). Tasted and Reviewed Sunday afternoon after getting back from a weekend trip/bike ride to Grand Rapids. 20 Oz. pint served. Get it while it lasts!

Appearance: The pour is topped with a dense foam white head with the occasional large soapy bubble. The color is golden yellow with a hearty turbidity that is common to a lot of small batch wheat beers. Overall the beer is predominantly still aside for the occasional bubble fluttering to the surface. Lacing is non-existent.
Aroma: Banana and honey are the first impressionable characters noted initially. Yeast and other phenols begin to emerge afterward along with a vanilla scent and a bit of a tannic note of hay and straw. The smell also has a savory (umami) profile to it. I do even get some coriander, though it remains subtle.
Taste: A rich honey and banana sweetness runs rampant throughout, complimented with rich wheat undertones and an unexpected note of vanilla that further encourages a very palatable sweetness. I get little yeast flavor in the beer and while phenols are limited to a slight clove-based spice at the end that helps dry out the palate. Similarly, it's banana that really helps fuel the sweetness into the finish from honey, to banana fruit, and then rounding into a nice sweet, but refreshingly drying bitterness. Subtle notes of coriander and faint orange peel remain in the aftertaste.
Mouthfeel: Fuller in body and sweetness than most, but the balance is impeccable. A full texture and smooth mouthfeel make up the majority of the foretaste/feel while the end slowly dries out the palate making it ask for more. Carbonation is low but a slight bite is acknowledges at the tip of the tongue.
Overall Impression: Currently, this beer is perfect for the season. It's boastful of the sweet banana based flavor that fuels the caloric demand of summer activities, while appealing to the refreshing finish and thirst quenching aftermath so common of summer beers.

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