Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Outlaw India Pale Ale (IPA)

Jen and I found this at the Green Grocer this weekend while visiting Chicago. It was a Sunday afternoon and we had been biking for much of the day to reach Haymarket Brewpub where we were given a great tour by Janna. To follow, we were in desperate need of food, so we stopped here to pick up an assortment of organic and local dips. It was here I noticed they sold six packs of the stuff! I waited till the evening to come back and pick it up because we still had to bike to Revolution Brewing co. later. Sweet label, and can! Tasted Wednesday afternoon prior to my 2nd shift at the brewery.
Can poured, snifter served.
6.3% ABV

Appearance: A rustic glowing amber with a subtle haze present throughout. The head is bubbly with a dense film coating the most outer surface of the head itself. Dissipation is relatively quick. Carbonation persists in a random, but constant manner within the glass. Lacing is dry.
Aroma: The scent protrudes caramel and brief toasted malts, along with a faint "plastic" smell. I think this can also be attributed to and/or confused with a grassy aroma combined with yeast phenol byproducts. Some fruit emerges towards the end, reminiscent of apricots and some sweet orange peel.
Taste: Beginning with a malt base primarily of biscuit and sweet caramel to which the rest will work off of. Midway through, an orange bitterness emerges, with a sweet tang, as if it were a tea. Some spicing follows along with a notably floral and sweet earthy bitterness. As the beer warms, this orange flavoring from the hops becomes all the more prominent. Pine is to follow, winding down the sweetness and providing a bitter crispness to clean out the palate. The finish is piney with a similar aftertaste in conjunction with the preliminary malt sweetness that was present in the start.
Mouthfeel: Medium body, but still relatively thick and rich. The sweetness is so prominent here, that it makes me think that the beer wasn't taken to absolute terminal gravity, leaving behind a stickiness on the lips. Carbonation makes for a soft, foamy feel and a finishing bite. Hops leave a crisp clean end, drying out the palate with a resiny feel.
Overall Impression: More of an English IPA but with the American pine twist to is. Big on the malt base, but the hops certainly help to balance it out. Fruity and smooth, carameled sweetness and a pine resin finish. Definitely something good to come out of a can! And I'm stoked that Two Brother's got a canning line addition! Steve, I want a tour!

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