Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weekend/Day Beer Adventures: Hatter Tasting

Last week, the pub had a couple people by to do a Hatter tasting for some of the Pub staff and others who showed interest. Jason, Jack and I attended because we had a hand in brewing them and could answer any questions. Hatter Days will be held this weekend starting at 12:00 pm on Saturday. Get Stoked.

The tasting commenced with a description of each beer, its ingredients, history with the company and expected flavors. Attendees walked in to find a simplistic, but appealing display of the beer that will be tapped this weekend at Hatter Days, and available throughout the Midwest.

Farmhouse Hatter

Rye Hatter: My second favorite

Oak Hatter: Easy tie with the Rye Hatter
White Hatter: The newest(best) addition to the Hatter Line-up

Black Hatter: Hatter but with some Dark malt added to the mash

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