Friday, July 6, 2012

Baba Black Lager

 Three factors went into the purchase of this beer. For one, I was paying a visit to Binny's in Highland park and it was a beer I had never seen before. Secondly it is organic, and I make every effort I can to purchase and try organic beer because I understand the difficulty in getting organic malt and yeast. Finally, Mr. Tom Bergman sealed the deal when he recommend it to me as part of the new addition to the Binny's Craft beer lineup. Tasted Thursday afternoon after making my first delivery of hop tea bags to 8th St. Grille!

Appearance: The pour exhibited absolute light brown clarity as it entered the glass. Within it stands as a very dark coffee color with what light can penetrate the edges, appears to remain very dark. The head is nearly negligible with some soapy accumulation against the glass. Some carbonation can be observed, though nothing within a few mm into the beer is acknowledged.
Aroma: A very rich coffee roast penetrates the nostrils. The sweetness does not come from any chocolate or even toffee base, but almost a cream/mocha addition. Bready sweet. Maybe caramel syrup and/or molasses. Literally, it the scent is most reminiscent of something one would go to Starbucks for. Fantastically unique for a beer, and one that I have never encountered.
Taste: The flavor is light and clean. Faint undertones of roast are present, though they do not do anything to add really any bitterness or acidity to the beer. Some lagered character is there, in the form of light, thirst quenching flavor, introducing subtly sweet and finishing very clean and crisp. The finish and aftertaste may ponder some hints of roasted malt, but that's for you to decide.
Mouthfeel: Light and crisp. The malt base is minimal but enough to provide a nice sweetness and to not weigh down the body. Carbonation polars the beer to not actually meld with it, but work against the liquid to create a fine bubbly fizz that bites the tongue in a refreshing spritz. Finish is very dry and thirst quenching.
Overall Impression: This is a beer I can say I am quite unfamiliar with. Perhaps the last time I had a lager of this dark caliber was in Australia. Nevertheless the flavor profile makes for a palatable sweetness and a crisp lagered bite. The Aroma is what fascinated me with it's unmistakable similarity to a highly caloric, overly sweetened, caffeine induced "mocha" drink one would get from Starbucks. I dig it, thanks for the recommendation, Tom Bergman!
One I will certainly taste again.

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