Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Copper Hook

Picked this up a couple months ago while visiting Plainfield to meet up with Jen. Her parents bought an assorted craft pack of Redhook, enabling me to try many of the beers I wouldn't otherwise get a chance to. Tasted Wednesday afternoon following a trip to the Outpost to research buying a tent and after a 12 mile run which included 6 x 800 repeats. Whew.
Snifter Served
5.8% ABV

Appearance: More of an amber color, but I guess it could fall for a copper by definition too. The head is a speckled film, with a larger accumulation on the sides. There is a prominent haze throughout, but nothing to completely inhibit transparency. As such, the occasional bubble races to the surface from the base of the glass.
Aroma: The scent is of biscuits and brown sugar with a lager yeast character. Very aromatic from a malt standpoint. Some floral sensations, but aside from that, the smell is rather straight forward.
Taste: The first thing that came to mind was...California-Common. All the flavor notes point in that direction. Light malt as the base, reminiscent of biscuit, brown sugar and a soft toast, followed by a crisp attenuation and lagered/steamed yeast flavor. Perhaps one could even draw a tartness from this beer, but that may just be the acidity...nevertheless it's nothing to take away from the overall experience. The finish and on into the aftertaste is grain base biscuity and smooth. Even some hints of wood tannins and hops are left on the palate.
Mouthfeel: A bubbly sting characterizes the first part of the feel, but it quickly fades to leave a medium bodied middle choked full of nice malt undertones. Remaining is a smooth crisp bite and a dry feel at the roof of the mouth.
Overall Impression: I'd say my ideal for a copper ale. All the factors I'd assume and expect in such a beer are followed to the tee. Malt heavy on the light malt side and still encapsulating a refreshing crisp flavor.

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