Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Great River Brewery's Golden Ale

This has sat in the fridge for quit some time now, as I made sure to save it for a review. Great River and I have been trading beer the past couple months, so I can stay updated on their new additions, and they can experience what New Holland offers. Tasted Tuesday afternoon while researching anything I can learn about barrel aging and sours.
Snifter served

Appearance: Golden is the name and the color is just that. Nice calculations on the SRM's. At the pour, the beer produced a frothy off white head of dense stature. A slight haze is prominent throughout, but nothing to the extent to inhibit the visibility of the strong carbonation rising from the base of the glass. Lacing is entire and wet.
Aroma: Pungent with a soft Belgian candy sugar sweetness backed by a peppery zing at the end. Obviously, the Belgian yeast holds a dominant character in the scent. Some lemon-peppery character draws out from the European hops. Goldings?
Taste: Softly sweet but with a burst of crisp lemon-pepper spice to bite of the malt and continue in a very refreshing manner. Faint bread notes make up the primary malt contributions in the foretaste. The finish is slightly floral but pushing a slight citrus too. Phenols are medium to high with brief undertones of banana and clove.
Mouthfeel: Extremely smooth in feel, as the carbonation melds ideally with the beer creating a very soft texture as the beer rolls over the tongue. Medium bodied initially, but lightens as the AA and dryness of the yeast attenuation dry out the palate.
Overall Impression: My estimation: Similar to the Dirty Blonde, a lot of 2-row, upping the hops and pitching with a different yeast. Fantastic! My only problem with it was the alcohol. Though I'm unsure of it's exact ABV I feel a bit tipsy after one. What the hell, Paul? Where's the Golden Session?

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