Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Bright Ale

Sorry for the poor frequency of posts lately. Between the Ypsilanti beer fest this weekend and a busy work week along side getting in 80 miles this week, I've been swamped. Nevertheless I found some time to get in a brief post in the midst of writing my article on the summer beer festival. Stay Tuned. Thanks to Adam Slaker for giving me this beer about a month ago while at his going away party in Westmont.
Can Served
Pint poured

Appearance: Bright golden color with some remnants of chill haze prominent throughout, though nothing to really hinder the clear appearance. The head is minimal taking the form of a slight film across the surface of the beer and leaving in its wake a touch of speckled lacing. carbonation bubbles slowly rise to the surface.
Aroma: I get a lot of grain and husk in the scent. Nearing the realm of un-malted doughiness, of which is also accompanied by the ever present scent of wheat. Brief undertones of orange peel run parallel to an even aroma of yeast.
Taste: the flavor starts light and sweet. Depending on how you taste the beer, the carbonation either hinders the forefront of the sweetness, or it excels it into a honey and wheat based malt. No sooner is the palate quenched by the desirably sweet but not overwhelming flavor, faint notes of orange peel, coriander and tea flavored zest/tannins balance in a thirst quenching crispness.
Mouthfeel: Thinner upfront until the sub-minimal carbonation emerges, providing a body that poles out as one follows through with the tasting. If one uses the back of the mouth as the guide to flavor and feel, you can get a whole lot more out of this beer.
Overall Impression: Light in flavor and light in overall complexity, but nevertheless, this beer exemplifies summer. Clean, crisp, refreshing without forgetting about the subtle orange citrus, lemon zest and the wheat malt. Typical, run of the mill, and easy to throw back.

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