Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Widespread Wit

Thanks to Trevor and the rest of the Crew at GRB for sending me an assorted case of the current line-up of production cans. Several new additions are present since I left...The Bix Copper in Cans, the Wit, and the newly shrink sleeved Roller Dam Red and  483 Pale. All to be reviewed shortly. Thanks gang. Tasted Tuesday afternoon prior to my 2nd shift.
Ball Jar served
5.5% ABV

Appearance: Bright and golden in color. Seems like this beer took a time in the filter this year, compared to last year which had a very prominent yellow turbidity. The head is extremely puffy/pillowed and white with a mediocre retention, but still holds a film across the top of the beer long after the pour. Carbonation is easily visible and strong with larger sized bubbles rocketing to the surface. Little lacing, but
Aroma: Pungent and yeasty with a wheat grist sweetness make up the majority of the fore scent. Spices are a bit mellowed here, but the zest from the curacao (sweet orange) and chamomile are distinguishable. Warming up, more of a sweaty smell arises, though not to be confused as a drawback, but more a character of the style with an amplified yeast/wheat profile.
Taste: Immediately the fore sweetness accentuates the already definitive spicing. I think when cold, the coriander dominates above all else. Though, as the beer begins to warm, more of the herbal spices permeate through the layers of flavor - primarily the chamomile. The woodsiness and green flavor of the un-malted (white) wheat come through as the primary contributor to the sweetness, with the added bonus of zest. The second half is choked full of spices, notably the ones mentioned on the can, along with even some cracked white pepper and perhaps grains of paradise.
Mouthfeel: Chewy to say the least. The body is full and the texture is soft and smooth with a fine carbonated feel. The finish is dry and resinous, more than likely derived from the tannins from the spices and perhaps some noble hops? Just experience it, slick your tongue on the roof of your mouth and you'll know what I'm talking about. Certainly an interesting and delightful clash of thicker body, yet an extremely crisp finish.
Overall Impression: A whole hell of a lot is happening in this beer. From the interplay of yeast and specialty malt to the evolution of spices as the beer travels through a varying temperature change on into the parallel of body and finish. I do think that overall the coriander (spelled corriander on the can??) could have been toned down to allow more of the other spices to balance, but it's still palatable without being too overwhelming.
Couple things on the can:
-This is the first can I've come across with no description.
-Cool new label profile (I understand that last years would have been expensive with all the colors...)
-Really..unfiltered? You had to have put it through something..
-Nice addition in multi-purpose advertising with the "Thermo-protective sleeve"

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