Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blue Sunday Sour (2010)

The #2 tasting of the Blue Sunday Sour line-up. This is Vintage 2010 (Batch 13). To re-iterate, I was given 5 of the available vintages that New Holland had in its Library in order to examine the subtle differences from year to year and explore what 2013's Blue Sunday Sour (currently still aging in barrels) could potentially become.

Appearance: Nearly exact in color and hue as 2012, with perhaps more of an amber tint. The head was more sustained in this Vintage, as it produced a suitable soapy cascade across the surface of the beer. It also took on a darker appearance - tan/off-white. Clarity is optimal aside from the color inhibition.
Aroma: More of a mellow fruit presence compared to the 2012, complete with notes of currants, and even some pear. Similarly, there is more of a funk present in this beer too.
Taste: I find this beer isn't as acidic as Vintage 2012 was, so the sourness is mellowed out while different fruits are present. Still, there is a tartness at the end that clamps the jaw a bit upon the initial tasting. Dark cherry fruit prominates too in conjunction with more of a bretty funk that takes an undertone throughout. The oak is dumbed down a lot in this one, even as the beer gets warmer. I kinda like that. Which means the blenders went more for the sour side of things instead of balancing against the wood. Very little, if any Acetic characteristics within this Vintage. As it warms, more of a dark cherry and plum character develops and takes over.
Mouthfeel: Light but enriched with a plethora of flavors and fruit tartness. Carbonation is higher (this bottle gave off more of a spritz when it was opened) and makes for a more crisp, thirst quenching flavor. Acidity is lower. Even with a higher carbonation, the beer rolls more smoothly over the tongue.
Overall Impression: I like the subtle differences between Batch 13 (2010) and Batch 15 (2012). I felt this one accentuated more of the fruity undertones that are produced my the Lactic producing bacteria, as well as presenting more of a suppressed wood aged character. Still I'm stumped on which direction to take 2013. I guess I have to taste more! However I do like this one over Vintage 2012.

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