Sunday, August 29, 2010

Imperial Pumking

Another beer tasted during the River City Beer Festiv-ALE. Quite an opportunity.

Appearance: Lighter straw color with a white frothy ring. Slight cloudiness.
Aroma: Very unique! Reminiscent of sweet potato fries , baked with brown sugar and cinnamon. Very potent caramelized malt smell.
Taste: Literally pumpkin bread/pie in a bottle. Perfect balance between pale malt and sweet caramel pumpkin, finished with fruity hops. I'd also go to say it has a perfect interaction of acorn squash, cinnamon, brown sugar/honey. Says a higher alcohol on the label but hardly hot and finishes clean. Still it's the baked aroma and taste of the actual pumpkin that predominate.
Mouthfeel: Warming and full bodied, yet drinkable. to be enjoyed slowly and nothing but. Wow.
Overall Impression: Usually, most seasonal pumpkin ales over do the spices and make them the center of the beer, followed by the over-sweetnesses of their special ingredients. But this magnificent brew employs the whole pumpkin - 100% tannins and all, making it actually taste natural and un-altered by overwhelming spice and alternative ingredients.


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