Monday, August 30, 2010


Tasted again (1/27/11) thanks to Joey Waldorf bringing over a Folly Pack with this included.Beer #6 of the tasting excursion:

Appearance: Golden colored, with a nice crisp hue to it. There is a short lived foam head, but left behind is a wet sticky lace along side the glass.
Aroma: Carefully citrus with delicate yeast notes and pure malt delectability. Some spicing upon the finish reminiscent of oranges, and of course, coriander. A little bit of earthiness complements as well
Taste: Fully infused with the simplest ingredients (nothing draws the palate away from the malt character) with the most complex flavor! Caramel and coriander (obviously) but with a roasted sourdough bread crust employed with a healthy amount of yeast flavor. For such a light colored ale, it boasts an amazingly robust flavor. (don't ever judge taste to color) Complex more in its primitive malt character than the actual spice/hop finish (which is hard to none). Flowery and sweet with a foretaste to mid-taste reminiscent of toasted biscuit and fried banana (Described by Jen). Finishing Belgian spicing with coriander makes for a dry finish.
Mouthfeel: Well balanced in between creamy and refreshingly crisp with a medium body. Somewhat of a dry finish, but not the type that comes from really hoppy, alcoholic beers.
Overall Impression: A stellar brew in my opinion. cloves and banana reveal themselves after a good 5 minutes of consistent tasting. Quite complex in flavor but still not used to the Belgians...

T1: 92/100
T2 (1/27/11): 86/100

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  1. Hah. When cloves and banana don't reveal themselves after consistent drinking, then you worry.