Monday, August 30, 2010

Winter Skal

Simple dinner tasting with the usual sauteed farmers market zucchini, summer squash and eggplant. Purchased from Binny's in Plainfield from winter seasonal leftover corner.

Appearance: Pint poured.A bright orange color with a 1/4 finger head. Glowing orange haze to it.
Aroma: I smell caramel and fruit with a hint of flowery nuttiness. Very effervescent and clean.
Taste: Has more of a bitterness to it than most winter ales I've tasted. Similar to a finishing IPA, yet less alcohol and more so the bittersweetness. Still very malty with a hard to distinguish flowery/tannin bitterness at the finish. Somewhat of a bread like sweet role combination (or my ideal). Simple sugar sweetness at the nose and a finishing burn midway through finishing with a coated mouth.
Mouthfeel: well balanced but more on the robust body side with foamy texture, but not tacky at all.
Overall Impression: Still a good beer, but I don't find myself drinking it again. There was somewhat of a pumpkin taste that I really like though, or that may just be due to having just finished a bowl of sauteed squash...


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