Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bell's Porter

Thanks to Thomas Christian for donating this beer to the blog (aka giving it to me to drink). Had this after practice for dinner with a local food stir fry.

Appearance: Pint poured. Semi-frothy filmed head. Bubbles forming on glass. Deep burnt brown color only transparent up to the light, but hardly.
Aroma: Coffee and chocolate malt character with a hint of fudge. Caramel and slight burnt bitterness come through as well
Taste: Full Fledged chocolate sweetness emerges upon first sip. Nothing overwhelmingly sweet because of the balance of bittersweet coffee flavor upon the finish. Nuts and aged wood make slight appearances as well. As this beer comes to a close, the coffee notes make themselves known.
Mouthfeel: Quite thick on the tongue. Had a heavy pour. Moderate body but nevertheless still quite refreshing.
Overall Impression: I'd say this is the closet I've come to finding something like the James Squire Porter in Australia. A fantastic end of dinner beer!

T1: 90/100
T2: 93/100

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