Monday, September 27, 2010

Schlafly Pale Ale

I've tried many of Schlafly's beer, and they all come-out maintaining top quality. Saw this one on the Hy-vee shelf and had to get it. Been having it throughout the week
Appearance: Coppered amber with fizzy head. Served very cold and had attributes of chill haze.
Aroma: Light caramel smell with a citrus note. Sweet breadiness and herbaceous hopping.
Taste: Quite fruity with a dominant sweetness masking the bitter finish. Starts spice-like but immediately graduates into a puckering resinous mouth coat of mostly hop tannins. Again there are undertones of bread and nuts. A little grainy
Mouthfeel: I found the body to be a little thicker than most pale ales. It had a big mouthfeel that was more course than smooth.
Overall Impression: A decent but not spectacular pale ale. worth a try but not a go-to. Noticeable apricot and orange zest at the end of the glass.


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