Monday, September 27, 2010

Arrogant Bastard Ale

Enjoyed early yesterday evening (Sunday) while watching Rounders with Jen. It was the first time this term I've had time to really sit down and watch a movie without the stress of school hanging over my head.

Appearance: Pint glass. Poured thick with a robust creamy yellow/tan head it resembled a sustained, almost soapy appearance. Color of brown cloudy maple syrup.
Aroma: Strong herbaceous honey-like smell. Caramel overtones assimilated with toffee and sauteed dark fruit. Floral and aromatic smells permeate the nostrils.
Taste: Slight butterscotch midtaste. First impression is overwhelmingly bitter! I taste the very apparent aromatic and bittering hops which are both very distinguishable. It takes a nutty, barrel/cask aftertaste. After my palate got used to the initial bitter slap in the face, I could taste what resembled subtle undertones of chocolate and cocoa nibs, still bitter, but nevertheless contributing to the complex flavor. There remained a bitterness of fruit and caramel, accompanied with a toasted pumpernickel choco-flavored deliciousness!
Mouthfeel: Body is thick and tacky with a heavy unforgiving texture. Perfect carbonation. Leaves a coated bitter aftertaste that hardly dissipates long after the beer goes down.
Overall Impression: Hardly boozy. Amazingly balanced in its complexity revealing each distinguishable flavor and smell in its own, but working together as it metamorphosizes from start to finish


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