Friday, September 24, 2010

Hoss Rye Lager

A beer we picked up a while back from Binnys in Plainfield. They guy there said it was one of the best lagers he's had. We'll see...

Appearance: Deep rubied amber with an overall cloudiness, uncommon to most lagers. There isn't any head and carbonation looks active.
Aroma: smells fruity like raisins with a nutty nose. There is a robust earthy/forest character (Ha I must have gotten that from the label). Mostly wood-like and the ever apparent rye spicing.
Taste: Rye spicing is full fledged and apparent especially at the mid taste to the finish. It is followed by a hoppy crispiness. Malt sweetness, and spices and mellow bitterness all in the mid taste. Perhaps some brown sugar for sweet taste? Raisin like sweetness is fantastic!
Mouthfeel: Starts with a indistinct creamy mouthfeel as the bubbles quickly grow and tease the tongue with a infatuating sting like spice. Pow!
Overall Impression: A really tasty brew. Amazingly refreshing and packed full of flavor, while still maintaining a crispy after bite. One of the top lagers I've had.



  1. This is one of my all time favorite beers. 89? Really? COME ON! [facepalm]

    - Monte

  2. Wah wahh. It was a stellar lager don't get me wrong. But there are always more that can top it.

  3. I really like lagers but this one doesn't sound like one at all - rye? malt sweetness? deep rubied amber? Intriguing.