Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brewery Review: Bent River - Moline IL

Like I said in the last brewery post, I'll try to do one of these every 10-15 beer posts. And all beers are rated on the brewery's beer relativity to each other.

This is basically a conglomeration of all the beer I've had at bent river (primarily Sundays and Tuesdays) since coming back from Australia and throughout the summer.

Steamboat IPA - Thick and amber malt with IPA style cloudiness and aroma. Notes of Grapefruit, complementing  an imperial bitterness (warrior?) Complexity in hop flavor develops throughout
Mississippi Blonde - Slight yeast aroma and delicate hazing. Fruity bite that tastes close to your usual lager. Smoothh, honey-like and refreshing
Jalepeno - Bland initial flavor but malt sweetness develops but sip 3-4. Finishes hot (spicy) and coats the tongue for a sustained aftertaste. Quite unique.
Rasberry Ale - Fizzed and fruity, and perhaps hints of fruit skin tannins. Slight ambered cloudiness. Marris Otter?
Summer Ale - Pale straw gold, hazy with yeast citrus aroma. Refreshing and crisp with a bitter bite at the finish. Not unique at all but a well balanced go-to.
Hefeweizen - A lot clearer than most wheats. More ambered than the summer. Very creamy with strong vanilla and banana undertones. Most prominently for the finish. Definitely a session. or just a taste. too overwhelming for a mug, let alone a pint.
Oatmeal Stout - Roast/toasted aroma and taste. No head. smooth mouthfeel. Very sweet finish. Every man's go-to stout.
Uncommon Stout - Strong coffee aroma. Darker than oatmeal with a spicy sweet finish. Not sour like most coffee beers. Extremely potent roastiness.
Dry Hop - Fruity aroma. Grassy finish. Very caramel malt sweetness with subtle tones of grapefruit zest. Biscuity malt flavors add to complexity.

I've had the others, but haven't had the time to adequately rate them. I'll edit them in the first chance I get.
Bent River was my first "hangout" brewery that seems to have been traditionalized by many Augustana students in the last year? I made sure to bring in the crowds and pass word on of their specials. I had applied here in the hopes of getting a foot in the door to the brewery industry, but I guess I just fell into the slough of others wanting to do the same.
I'm still waiting on the Jingle Java and their sweet potato.
Some of the beers remain to have somewhat of a plastic/nalgene taste in the back of the throat, perhaps the reminants of sanitizer.

Brewery Experience: 42/50

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