Saturday, September 4, 2010

Demolition Belgian Style Golden Ale

A tasting before my week visit in Chicago at the end of the summer, following Sofie.

Appearance: Snifter pour. Slightly darker orange than Sofie, yet still relatively pale in hue. No head and a hit of haze and yet clearer than Ms. Sofie as well
Aroma: Sweet caramel wheatiness With notes of clove and yeast. Perhaps some citrus mixed in, with a spice nose
Taste: The same malty wheatiness hits the tip of the tongue but then immediately encapsulates a grassy bittered flavor that eventually develops well throughout the remainder of the tasting. As it continues, that same flavor becomes biscuity but the finish transitions more to the taste of lemongrass and ginger, but there are some instilled spices that I find unidentifiable.Coriander perhaps comes through upon the final sips. Slight grassiness makes me think Cascade hops, yet the variety could be anything...Just an inkling.
Mouthfeel: A little more course than Sofie yet still smooth and fluid.
Overall Impression: Don't buy this straight from the brewery (It's $15) you can get it for $7 or $8 at your local Binny's. Overall a drinkable beer. Nothing really stood out to deter me, a definite drink again.


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