Friday, September 3, 2010

Red Eye Coffee Porter

Tried a while back during one of our cooking nights for all organic/local pizza.

Appearance: Dark and syrupy pour into a wine glass. Thick black with maybe, just maybe a brown hue. Minimal head
Aroma: Extremely potent, but subtle bouquet of coffee, chocolate and hopped finish
Taste: Robust and rich with a brief initial taste of bitterness. It then immediately transitions into a full fledged 85% dark chocolate bar. Subtle roasted/burnt flavors, but overly maltose-like sugarinesss which perhaps distorts an otherwise great porter. notes of vanilla bean
Mouthfeel: Thick and tacky. medium carbonation.
Overall Impression: I think with a couple years of aging, this could be a fantastic porter, though I find it interesting how the richness of the flavors mask the 9.2 ABV. Coffee was overwhelming especially in the bitterness.


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