Thursday, September 2, 2010

Indian Brown Ale

Six pack purchased from Plainfield Binny's. Enjoyed in Chicago at my sisters apartment during the last week of summer.

Appearance: Wine glass poured. Dark in color with off white brownish head.Roasted wood brown.
Aroma: Extremely caramel/brown sugar and coffee aroma apparent right at the nose.
Taste: Warm toffee flavoring most apparent at the aftertaste upon first sip. Definitely Black Patton in this one. The richness is noticeable from the quick high temp roasting of the grains and tannins. Sugar contributes to the molasses like tar-sweetness. In fact, the aftertaste of this beer resembles the tart after-burp of wine. More-stout like than a brown ale, yet I think the Kent-Golding Hops help contribute to this "sweet-stout" like flavor. Mocha tones and buttery more than coffee. I think there may be some rye involved in this beer
Mouthfeel: Didn't get anything down for this one...
Overall Impression: Eh, one of the low end beers of dogfish. You could do better by going with their IPA's or other off-center'd beer. Mocha tones that are buttery more like coffee. I think there may be some rye involved in this beer. Overall, not spectacular.

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  1. Really? I liked this one. I thought of it as a lighter stout.