Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sapient Trip Ale

Following Bell's Oktoberfest thirst quencher after practice yesterday, I got down to business loging this one.

Appearance: Pint pour golden orange amber pre-yeast/dreg but turns to an orange brown after with tan bubble head.
Aroma: Smells fruity with hints of clove phenols and fruity esters.
Taste: Say the same with some orange peel mixed in as well. Strong fruit character with mild malt sweetness. Clove and banana esters dominate which makes one think at least some wheat was used in this beer. Finishes primarily sweet with low hop flavors with perhaps some added sugar that may contribute to its hot mid-taste. Alcohol is evident. Lighter malt and perhaps too sweet from adjuncts?
Mouthfeel: Full body and thick mouthfeel that comes off as definitely tacky.
Overall Impression: I think it is definitely a plus that this beer was bottle-conditioned, contributing to the potent yeast haze. But generally nothing really stand-outish


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