Monday, October 25, 2010

Bigfoot Barleywine (2010)

Tried this back in March or April, 2010 while living in Parkander TLA. Bought a six pack of it thinking it was going to be good, but I was way off. At more than 300 calories a bottle prepare to be slapped in the face by 10% ABV.

Appearance: Bold amber color with a touch of ruby red. Dense tan/white foamy head that layers the glass in lace.
Aroma: Fruity and bold with strong aromatic hop additions. Hop character is complex both resembling fruity esters and grassy alpha acids. Dried dark fruit is intertwined.
Taste: Yuck. Alcohol takes away any potential in this beer. The malt flavors are so small and dominated so much by the overpowering bitterness and alcohol, the balance of this beer has little to offer. Perhaps they went overboard with the warrior or challenger hops? Finishes overwhelmingly dry and bitter. Nothing like anything I've had before.
Mouthfeel: Tacky to the lips and leaves an astringent aftertaste. The only thing done well was the carbonation.
Overall Impression: I'm not sure barley wines can be brewed at a large scale, which makes me presume that this one was. It was hard to get through the six pack let alone the beer itself. Nevertheless my tastes were still budding and developing at the time and I have come to be a lot more accepting of bitterness and a variety of beers since then. I think to be fair, another try is worthy.



  1. Wow, I had a different response when I drank it. Maybe you got an off batch. Didn't know it was 300 calories a bottle...goodness. I've saved the others for aging. I get to try a 2001 Bigfoot here in a couple weeks.

  2. Nice!
    Perhaps, though I've just heard that this beer is really aggressive when fresh. Check out my comparative tasting: