Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Iglesia Agave Ale

Tasted this around ten in the evening early last week with Thomas and Jen. I picked it up about a month ago because I always try to taste the randoms on the single bottle rack at hy-vee.

Appearance: Snifter poured. Cloudy copper color.Head is soapy and bubbly. Carbonation is hardly visible.
Aroma: Mellow and sweet with hints of honey and nuts. slightly floral with overtones of grass and wood.
Taste: The flavor is very distinct and buttery with a resinous aftertaste of sap and tannins of assorted leafy salad greens and other plant matter. The combination of malts are present but the unique bitterness is the domination flavor of this beer. Not necessarily favorable.There are smoky and woody undertones maintaining a dry finish. This is the best flavor description I can draw. This beer generally had a overall plain flavor, aside for the agave/honey sweetness.
Mouthfeel: Mouthfeel is light and dry and not the slightest tacky. Drinkability is left to ones own preference, not mine.
Overall Impression: The aroma of this beer presents more than the taste actually does. I know the brewer wanted to make the agave the unique, dominating characteristic of this beer, but it pushes the appeal of this beer over the edge into the abyss of monotonic plainness and the unappealing.


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