Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Buffalo Sweat Stout

A during-lunch beer tasting before my 12:30 class. Accompanied with an oven baked stuffed patty-pan squash with rice risotto, foraged mushroom, kalamata olives, curry and fresh free-range egg.  Oh and this is the other beer brought back from Kansas by Dr. Good. Thanks!

Appearance: Light black/brown with no head or apparent carbonation upon opening. Still, no light penetration and hardly any transparency around the edges.
Aroma: Roasted chocolate and sweet malt wort mostly. Perhaps some coffee overtones weedle their way in over the pungent roasted sweet smell
Taste: Extremely sweet flavor, with strong notes of extra added sugar and cocoa-powder. Reminiscent of my 2 beer I ever made which was a chocolate stout that tasted like cake. Definitely a sweet stout, but missing several components to qualify it as such. I would place it more towards a porter (even though they are relatively the same thing (See: Stout/Porter Rant)) and a dark brown ale. Predominantly chocolate with a false bittering at the finish, resembling a very burnt flavor, but only subtly in the taste. Roasted aroma is apparent in the mid-taste
Mouthfeel: Extremely light and drinkable. Body doesn't have much Umph to it either. Little creaminess and more emphasis placed on its drinkability. Carbonation finally makes its appearance preceding the burnt flavored finish.
Overall Impression: A little unimpressed with this one. I think it tastes more like a soda-pop than anything. with a high chocolate content and burned finish I think it more of a novice stout


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