Monday, October 4, 2010

Red Seal Ale

Tasted following the Oasis. This one is in acknowledgement of Mr. Thomas Christian again for his contribution towards the craft beer effort. Since he was buying I had to choose the next in line of North Coast brewing Co

Appearance: Pint poured. A beautifully clear amber with a bubbly/soap foamed head that is held for minutes after the pour. Cloudiness is derived from the yeast at the bottom of the class which = (+). Non-uniformed lacing throughout.
Aroma: More of a crisp bitterness upon first smell. Semi-flowery, but more so a slight pine like aroma, yet different than most.
Taste: Highly bitter, which is to be expected from most red Ales. The unique bitter taste is crisp and clean. There is a slight spiciness at the finish, but it starts sweet resinous flavor between pine sap and maple. Quite an interesting malt character between caramel biscuit and some chocolate.
Mouthfeel: Foamy to the tongue and even as it evacuates the mouth down the throat it still maintained its creamy texture. Body is on the lighter side.
Overall Impression: Bitterness dominates. But nevertheless finishes crisp making it an easily drinkable ale. Spicy and bitter upon the finish may be a positive for some.


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