Thursday, May 31, 2012

Festina Peche

First tasted (T1): October, 2010. Enjoyed Saturday prior to making all the dough that we'll be baking in the morning. Paired with a spaghetti squash.
T2: May 30, 2012 Tasted again while in Holland, now working at New Holland Brewing Co. Man, have the last two years brought a hell of a lot! Jen bought a 4 pack of this, while visiting, from our local beer store - Re Pete's Beer, and was kind enough to share a bottle. A lot of changes have happened to this one since I last had it. Enjoy the comparisons.
4.5% ABV
Appearance: T1: Pre-dreg, this beer is quite clear and light looking, Similar to the American lager. About one fingers worth of white creamy head. Strong visible carbonation. Post-dreg, this beer is cloudy and opaque with a tan hint. T2: Light golden yellow haze. No head and strong carbonation. No dreggs either?
Aroma: Light and crispy with a strong citrus note. Yeast is apparent at the nose, but primarily fruity and similar in profile to weiss. T2: still some fruit, but has developed a push towards more of a sour yeast scent than anything.
Taste: Very tart, with mild fructose sweetness. I’d categorize it in the area between stale orange juice, and warheads. There isn’t much else I’m able to pick out because the overwhelming sourness of this beer. It certainly isn’t an off flavor, just too much fruit zest and tartness. You can gradually arm up to it, but it is still far too overpowering. T2: less sweetness than before, and even a bit watery tasting in comparison to the tart bite in the finish. Mild tart astringency with hints of brett and lacto...
Midday taster
Mouthfeel: I think the carbonation contributes to the sour prickle on the tongue. Moderate body, and very drinkable if you can make it past the residual tart flavor. T2: Zippy, bubbly and refreshing. very light and sparkling, soft and foamy as it goes down the throat. Not much acidity.
Overall Impression: Not my type, but at least a good attempt. I’ve heard it is incredibly difficult to create a beer from peaches. Still this one has potential for quenching. It is relatively out of season, and because of its low bitterness and alcohol content I presume it doesn't age well, which may be the reason for the overtly sour taste.T2: I've noticed since the last time I tasted it that they really stuck to filtering out the yeast, as there was no accumulation at the bottom the second time around. 


  1. Here is my review in the spirit of the Sir! (First one ever!)

    Tasted this after some awesome fish tacos, rice, and a margarita with the whole TMC group. Came back to a friend's apartment and I cracked open one of these. Served in a wiezen glass.

    Appearance: Crispy bubbly head that quickly dissipates to just a ring around the glass. Fair amount of carbonation that I can see. Orange yellow color with somewhat of a white gold glow about it. Also a light haze throughout. Small amount of bubbles rising throughout.

    Aroma: Overwhelmingly peach. Can sense a bit of the sourness but mainly the peach that comes through. (Still have to work on my nose a little bit here, don't have much)

    Taste: Sour peach is the main thing here. The carbonation certainly comes through as the taste has somewhat of a sparkling wine character to it. Sweet peach after taste lingers on the middle of the tongue. Initially somewhat astringent feeling but something that I got used to and enjoyed as I progressed (similar to that Angry Cedar brew I brought you). Two images came to mind when tasting this; one was sucking on a peach pit as the peach flavor is very much there but the main taste is sour since much of the sweetness went with the meat of the peach, second was of frozen juice concentrate packets that you add water to to make orange juice and such (made sense since this is brewed with peach concentrate)

    Mouthfeel: Carbonation tickles the sides of the mouth toward the end and the sourness eventually fades to an after-sweetness.

    Overall impression was that this was a pleasant brew. Seems ideal for summer and hot days but I feel that this took on less of a beer character and instead took on something more like a cider. I got slight hints of wheat that periodically reminded me I was drinking a weiss but nothing huge.

  2. Dude, I like that you relate to experiences with other flavors rather than just dropping really descriptive vocab. Nice review and I definitely agree with the transition of sweet to sour.
    If you're going to keep it up though, I'd stick to shorter reviews for now, then build from there
    You don't want to burn out..

    Can't wait to see what you think of Brother T!