Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lagunitas Indian Pale Ale

Tim's first Thursday night out at Ribco during fall term (No 7:30 Cadaver Lab). Early start, but late night (by Tim's standards). Many thanks to Ryan (?) for the awesome Snifter glass and beer conversation. Nights at Ribco always seem to be in good company with an interesting and enthusiastic staff.

 Appearance: Pale amber color with slight chill haze and an initial foam head that dissipates after several minutes.
Aroma: Aroma is resinous and pine like, grassy aroma complements as well.
Taste: Strong phenol/pine taste with floral undertones as well as a rich supplement of grassy alpha acids. Hops hit the tongue immediately and hole themselves for a while into the aftertaste finish. Biscuit toastiness is intertwined into the bitterness but still overpowered.
Mouthfeel: Strong but smooth mouthfeel. Spike of carbonation felt at the flute of the tongue.
Overall Impression: A good IPA but not necessarily outstanding.

84/100 (had a bit of a head cold when tasted, so it would be worth trying again)

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