Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Southern Tier Indian Pale Ale

A simple tasting after practice a couple weeks ago. Pint poured, served with the usual local seasonal squash dish.

Appearance: A lighter strawed amber that resembles apple juice, no head, and quite clear.
Aroma: Smells sweet and floral with a apricot note to it.
Taste: Taste is gratefully sweet with a complementary grapefruit zest to bitter it up. A great biscuit malt flavor is mixed in as well, finishing off with an ever subtle alcoholic taste. Bittering hops Willamette? Centennial? Simcoe? or even cascade?
Mouthfeel: Mouthfeel is very forgiving and delectably drinkable. Minimal carbonation but just enough to carry through the dark fruit flavor and zest.
Overall Impression: Definitely a great IPA. fully complex and a bittersweet hop balance.



  1. I just bought the 2x ipa last week and loved it. Have you guys tried that one yet?

  2. Nathan, I have yet to try it. I've had the Special Harvest, the Pale Ale, and even the IPA, but have yet to try the 2xIPA. I find it difficult sometimes when buying because all their labels look similar. Nevertheless, I appreciate the suggestion and will get a rating on it ASAP