Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oatmeal Stout

This one was enjoyed with Thomas Christian on Friday night (after a long taxing 12 mile run) while watching some Forest Gump and having a dinner of Lentil/Pea soup with Swiss chard.
T3: Thanks to Joey Waldorf for donating a bottle for a follow-up tasting.

Appearance: Pilsner Glass pour. Black/brown color with a maintained off white/tan head that uniformly laces the glass throughout the tasting. Far lighter looking than most stouts, especially upn the pour. Some carbonation visible.
Aroma: Smells sweet and malty with a distinct toasted note. Some roasted nuts and wood tannins present along with a hint of chocolate and somehwhat of a rye sweetness.
Taste: Flavor is sweeter than that of most stouts I've experienced. It's reminiscent of dark cherries while boasting a rich nuttiness that make up the foretaste as well as integrating into mid taste territory. Mid glass I begin to discover more caramel undertones, yet the fruitiness still prominently remains. The finish still maintains some tannin like flavors, but with a nicely incorporated hop profile, most likely Golding. Very sweet and toasty with a bittering finish.
Mouthfeel:  Rich and robust yet the body is lighter than most stouts but very smooth. Drinkability is high and overwhelmingly palatable and delicious. Carbonation is medium but encourages a leftover drying feel to the palate.
Overall Impression: I'm surprised by how well balanced and complex. This stout is only $7.99! definitely 6-pack worthy for the beginning stout fans.

3/14/10 T1: 80/100
10/1/10 T2: 88/100
3/28/11: 85/100

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