Monday, October 11, 2010

Out of Bounds Stout

Tried this earlier Friday Evening but wasn't able to log it until now. Tasted after my Soc exam Monday afternoon preceding a long run at practice. A tough week started out with a big stout.

Appearance: Maudite Snifter poured (the one given to me by RibCo). Coal black without any transparency. A foamed ring around the glass that is well retained. 
Aroma: A beautiful bouquet of roasted chocolate and coffee. This is the most delectable aroma that I've ever found emitted from a stout. Chalked full of toasted biscuits and warm melted chocolate with notes of sweet caramel undertones. Wow!
Taste: Starts elegantly sweet but ends with a dry, swift finish with the hotness from alcohol and the bitterness of roasted coffee beans. What an amazingly paralleled accompaniment of the two. Burnt molasses, and over toasted bread fill the gaps. Gradually the alcoholic finish dissipates into a strict coffee bean bitterness.
Mouthfeel: Carbonation makes this beer bigger than it is, meaning it fills in the hole and making this liquid greatness into a frothy cream dessert. Medium body made lighter by the alcohol.
Overall Impression: Though the alcohol/booziness may be the biggest deterrent from the taste, the Aroma was phenomenal! The flavors were well into complex standards with interestingly worked balance here and there. I think this is one of the highest quality stouts I've tried. Nice.


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