Monday, October 11, 2010

Weiss Ebel's Beer

This was one of the beers that come in the Costco 24 assorted pack from $24. I try to get this whenever I'm home and headed back to school. This one is unfortunately the least looked-forward to beer in the batch

Appearance: Golden yellow have with a bubbly head with strong retention
Aroma: Very yeasty with the usual banana and clove overtones, yet I find predominantly a bold orange zest mixed in. Subtle spicing as well. Very phenolic.
Taste: The spiciness transfers on over through to the bitterness of which resemble a tannin/resinous character possible from the wheat hulls. Reminiscent of sourdough bread but countered in sweetness of citrus zest and fruit phenol presence. Low hop profile.
Mouthfeel: light and smooth but a ironic prickle from the carbonation. Refreshing, but not like a lager.
Overall Impression: I find this to be a far from ordinary wheat beer, perhaps from the unusual spicy character, my guess is its a mutant yeast or the there were quite a few adjuncts added during the brewing process? This beer graduates with a vanilla finishing flavor. Though I highly respect Two Brothers and get their beer whenever possible, this is not the most desirable of beers, or even Hefeweisens for that matter.


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